Panchkarma and Spa solutions.

Ensis is a one of India’s leading manufacturers of Panchkarma and Spa solutions. We are proficient in exquisite designs; peculiar wood crafting that gives an aesthetic, luxurious and comfortable look to the furniture and equipment that suits the customer’s space and comfort of the users.

Our product range includes Shirodhara Bed, Droni Bed, Sauna Cabin, Nadi Swedan Yantra, Multipurpose tray, oil diffuser and many other furniture and equipment appropriate for Panchkarma Centres and Wellness Spas. Ensis is all about excellent durability and magnificent designs. We advise best solution for your space and undertake custom designs for spa products.

We have an extensive experience in delivering commendable interior design services. Our peculiarity is in our approach towards clients to provide excellent service to make them elated and connected with us all over the journey.

Ensis delivers on the notion that every project is an opportunity to learn to figure out problems and challenges to invent and reinvent. All our projects are like fabulous expeditions with a unique story in each project.

Our consultancy team is a paragon with an array of skills to work in corporate framework or privately owned properties providing brazildining bespoke Panchkarma and spa designs, operational projects. We provide business consultancy, interior design consultancy, operational support and an informed link between operators, developer and design team right from inception to opening. We support business planning stage in a way to reduce research time and cost of business plan through market analysis as we believe in delivering more than expected.