Sleepwell Flexi PUF Range Mattress

Resitec Gold Plus offers superior resilience and bounce. It reduces pressure points on the body and with its special cell structure remains cool.


Made from Resitec Technology offering Premium High resilience Flexi-PUF Core.

Reduces pressure points on the body and remains cool

Provides desired comfort and optimal supports

Premium fabric quilted with Soft Flexi-PUF on both sides

Amaze offers scientifically developed Granulated Flexi PUF core with extra Firmness that orthopaedically supports your back helping your spine to maintain its natural shape even while sleeping.


Amaze is densified with Granulated PUF for extra firmness & enhanced back support.

Premium Printed Fabric, quilted on both sides with Soft PUF for added comfort

Available in 4.5 inch thickness

Made from Special nano Plus core for optimal comfort and durability

Printed fabric quilted with Soft Flexi-PUF on both sides

Value for money

Available in 4 inch thickness.

A firm mattress that provides good support to the spine.

Attractive printed polycot fabric quilted with Soft Flexi PUF on one side.

Good value for money.

Available in 4 inch thickness.

Durafirm Provides optimal support for a healthy spine. Its special Super Bond Core provides desired firmness that keeps your spine adequately supported.


Durafirm offers maximum support to your back and keeps the spine healthy

Made from state of the art Super Bond Flexi-PUF

Available in 4.5-inch thickness

Premium printed fabric, quilted on both side with Soft Flexi-PUF for enhanced comfort