U - Shape kitchen

Kitchen Boxes : Kitchen boxes size in 18mm/commercial ply with both side laminate finish/1mm PVC lipping on all edge.
Material : Doors in 18mm MDF both side laminate finish 1.3mm PVC lipping.
Hardware : Kaff / Hettich telescopic channel & hinges pro-lift shocker door system.
Style : Single / Double Color U.V. coated edge binding /collapsible boxes / slow motion hinges.
Finish : MATT high gloss finished
Warranty : 3 YEARS

In a U-shaped kitchen, refrigerator, sink and hob run around three sides of the room. It provides significantly more worktop space. The sink is normally located in the middle wall with cooking and refrigeration positioned opposite to each other. There should be at least 1200mm between the parallel sides of the U. The U-shaped kitchen is most often used in larger kitchens and is ideal for more than one user at the same time.